Dondre Whitfield

Faithful / Authentic / Spiritual

GROWING UP:  I am from Brooklyn, New York. I graduated from High School of the Performing Arts. My first job was on The Cosby Show. I came out of a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn. That isn’t my life story. If it was I would be locked up. CURRENT GIG: I am an actor on Mistresses on ABC and in the midst of creating a talk show. My wife and I are producing our first annual charitable event for […]


Nyambi Nyambi

Artist / Teacher / Son

GROWING UP: I was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Texas and a bit in Virginia. I have a B.S. in Business from Bucknell University and an MFA in Acting from New York University. My parents are from Nigeria. I am first generation Nigerian American. CURRENT GIG: I live in Los Angeles and I am an actor on Mike & Molly on CBS. I am writing a screenplay about the freedom of speech of international […]