Leon Fleisher

Innovator / Creative / Imperfect

GROWING UP: I am from Durham, North Carolina, the home of Duke & UNC. Upon graduating high school, I moved to New York City to study design at Pratt Institute. I am proud of my B.A. in Digital Design & Interactive Media.

CURRENT GIG: I am currently an Assistant Digital Designer for an apparel company in downtown Los Angeles. I am also writing a graphic novel that will explore the higher consciousness.

EXPERIENCES WITH RACE: I never thought I would be called the “N” word by someone of a different race until it happened a few years ago in NYC and again while working in West Hollywood. The people who said it were both mentally ill which diminished the blow but it was a blow none the less.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I am an up and coming artist who wants to leave a piece of myself in my work and to use my stories and art to make a statement that will hopefully leave people with a higher purpose, encouraging individually. People do not expect me to be laid back and emotionally in tune, but I am.

Photograph by Elmar Van Der Watt