Major Johnson Finley

Faithful / Hilarious / Audacious

GROWING UP:  I am from Houston Texas. I studied at Juilliard then went onto to Berklee College of Music in Boston.

CURRENT GIG:  I moved here a little over five years ago to Los Angeles to pursue the great wondrous dream of entertainment. I’m a singer and an actor. I’m a recording artist- big band, throwback essence, some good stuff.  I am a classically trained musician.

EXPERIENCES WITH RACE: I experienced racism when I travel back home. I am one that dresses very preppy most of the time so, it’s very rare that I would get profiled. I apparently was perceived as a potential gang member when I was picking up my younger brother from his prom night. And I was wearing believe it or not, suspenders and a bow tie. So, if I looked the part with my Nissan Altima, I would be surprised. It is not quite the stereotype I’ve learned to be associated with that particular demographic but, whatever floats the boat of the profiler.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I want people to know that I am full filled by way of faith and kept by grace. I am a humanitarian with a serious side.

Photographed by Renee McMahon