Anthony Sparks

Writer / Scholar / Father

GROWING UP:  I am originally from the south side of Chicago. I came to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California. I received my theatre degree there and then lived in New York for years and performed as an actor for a long time. I eventually came back to become a writer, which is what I do now.  At that time, I also went back to USC and now have a Masters and […]


Brian Sebastian

Intelligent / Gentle / Inquisitive

GROWING UP:  I am originally from Eastline, Connecticut. I attended college, but didn’t finish. When I was younger, I ran a video store and it taught me so much. It opened so many doors for me. CURRENT GIG: I have been in LA for 25 yrs now. I do celebrity interviews for TV and online outlets.  I am a film critic.  I also have a business where we fix electronics and create mobile apps. It is also important […]