1. Is the IAJLU campaign a Non-Profit?

At first we wanted I Am Just like U to be a non-profit organization, but after consulting with legal we were advised to be a for-profit so that we wouldn’t have to compromise on our business structure based on the ubiquitous conditions, requirements and procedures a non-profit organization has to follow.  We are a socially conscious company that is responsible to our community.

  1. How does IAJLU plan on functioning?

I Am Just like U is working to be self sustainable as an entity that builds up, cultivates, and encourages young black males to live up to their full potential through our storytelling, photoshoots, One Day workshops, Five-Day Conference, City-Wide Campaigns, speaking engagements at schools and the list goes on. T-shirt sales and any fees charged to participate in the conference or workshops will be re-invested in the I Am Just Like U campaign. We ensure you that we will be reporting to you quarterly on our financials to all donors and sponsors alike.

 3. Why are you only photographing black men?

The I Am Just like U campaign was born out of what we consider to be a  skewed view of black males. We realize that although young black males are not the only ones being discriminated against, we feel there is an overall prejudice that seems to be subconscious with most Americans. That being said, this is just phase one in our humanitarian campaign. Phase two will be open to all, who have been marginalized or not, ie: women, native americans, muslims, Latinos, etc.

We invite all races and genders to purchase and wear the I Am Just like U t-shirt and share your statement.  Join the IAJLU Family.  

 4. Where is your educational programing coming from? 

Kelley Raleigh, the Founder of I Am Just like U, is currently a life coach and facilitator for young adults and teens. Her professional background, for over 17 years, has been working with low to high income families, creating and facilitating leadership workshops, speaking to schools and groups and producing local and international volunteer projects with teens. The focus of her curriculum is developing leadership skills by creating volunteer projects.  Kelley gained the experience of developing curriculum from working with the Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Teen Insight and has added in her own flavor of creativity and empowerment. She also has numerous resources within her community that support this campaign and can add their curriculum when appropriate.

 5. Is the campaign affiliated with any political agenda?

I Am Just like U  is not affiliated with any political agenda. We do, however, want to work with local governments and officials in each city we travel to for the One Day Workshop & Photoshoot Tour, to connect the young teens with the decision makers in their communities. When people connect on a human level – fear is erased and actions, decisions as well as reactions can change. We would like to see the young black males we are photographing and interviewing affect their environments at a higher level, i.e. have a voice within policies and laws that impact their generation and those to come.

6. What ages are you photographing?

I Am Just like U is focusing on black males from ages 10 and up. We have realized that our visuals serve 2 purposes: A) To inundate society with positive images and storytelling of black men to shift racial prejudice; and  B) They serve as role models and inspiration for young boys growing up from all lines of work and industries.

7.  How can I get involved?

There are many ways to be involved. Please join our IAJLU Family by:

A. Share the photos or online magazine with friends and family via email and social media – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

B. Purchase an IAJLU T-shirt to share your personal statement, connect with others and build community.

C. Rent a billlboard, bus stop poster or ad space in magazines or around your city. We will supply the photos.

D. Connect us with leaders and city officials in your community.

E. Connect us with like minded events where we could partner or participate.