"I create video games"
"I have impromtu dance parties with my kids"
"I like to stay ahead of the game"
"I have been practicing yoga for most of my life"
"I teach meditation & have 2 degrees"
"I love playing golf"
"I have a degree in religious studies"
"I box for fun"
"I have a degree from Carnegie Mellon"
" I have a sweet tooth"
"I put God first"
"I used to be an altar boy"
"I write children's books"
"I am optimistic"
"Connecting with others is important to me"
"I used to be homeless"
"I love Dungeons & Dragons"
"I survived a near death experience at birth"
"I have been a consistent volunteer for over 30 years"
"I am a citizen of the world"
"I thrive on love & laughter"
I am a mathematician
"I live by purpose and purpose alone"
"I absolutely love comedy"
"I have been a big brother for over 15 years"
"I work to end child prostitution & sex trafficking"
"I speak French fluently"
"I raise pigeons"
"I am a classically trained pianist"
"I am a lover of all people"
"I love salsa music"
"I am a scientist"
"I speak fluent Spanish"
"I have multiple degrees"
"I love being a storyteller"