Daniel Barnum

Friendly / Curious / Hardworker

GROWING UP:  I am from Hollywood, CA. I attended Campbell Hall High School and the University of Arizona. I graduated with a B.A. in Economics. I come from a bi-racial family. My mother is white.

CURRENT GIG: I work for a large retailer as a supervisor and manage a small team in a copy center. I deal with budgets, conference calls, customer service and ensuring the copy center runs smoothly. My bigger goal is to work for an entertainment company in Atlanta. On the side, I am learning all aspects of production companies so I can be prepared for when I move there.

EXPERIENCES WITH RACE:  I dealt with the stereotypical issues with race like people walking on the other side of the street when I am coming the other way. I didn’t let it affect me so it didn’t play a huge role in my life.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  I am a friendly guy and I love to learn. I enjoy sports, politics and getting to know other people. I find time to be involved with important issues and current events.  Most importantly, I am a Patriots fan.

Photographed by Renee McMahon