Evan Raynr

Leader / Philanthropist / Artist

GROWING UP: I grew up in Calabasas, CA with my large extended family. I attended Viewpoint High School. I have a B.A. in Psychology from UCLA where I also played soccer.

CURRENT GIG:  I am writing 2 books; a fantasy novel and a children’s book. I am a soccer trainer for children and teens and I have a leadership role within Teen Insight Seminars.

EXPERIENCES WITH RACE: On the soccer field in high school, racial slurs were yelled at me to throw me off my game. I ended up not responding physically but scored 2 goals in OT to win and take our school to the first CIF final in soccer history.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I was drafted into the MLS during my senior year of college. I have been volunteering for Teen Insight since I was 14. I love helping people achieve their dreams. I am about making the world a better place, creating success for myself and those around me. I am passionate about encouraging the children to grow up with a positive outlook on life to help better the world.

Photograph by Elmar Van Der Watt