Joshua Jackson

Student / Gamer / Funny Man

GROWING UP: I am from South Central Los Angeles and I have an Associates Degree in Arts & Humanities from Pacific Northwest College of Art. Currently I am taking a gap year due to financial issues and plan on attending Cal State Long Beach next semester to finish my Bachelor’s Degree.

CURRENT GIG: I free lance as an illustrator and artist.

EXPERIENCES WITH RACE: When I attended college, it was a mostly white campus. They generally did not meet too many black people so I ended up being their first black friend. It was kind of weird for me personally, so whenever I am “black” so to speak, it surprises a lot of people. Honestly, racism usually doesn’t bother me too much unless it is obviously aggressive and demeaning, but I have never run into that.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I am very creative and I love to draw. I am also a gamer and currently working on a video game with my friend.  I love Dungeons & Dragons (Beware the Masterwork & I Great Sword of Great Fire). I also listen to Horror Punk.

Photograph by Elmar Van Der Watt