Reno Wilson

Husband / Father / Lover of Music

GROWING UP: I am from East Flatbush, Brooklyn. I graduated from the FAME school in Manhattan. I attended SUNY Purchase Conservatory for Acting. I left during my Sophomore year to embark on my acting career in LA which began on The Cosby Show.

CURRENT GIG: I am married with babies and am an actor on Mike & Molly on CBS. Life has been very good to me.

EXPERIENCES WITH RACE: I was 9 yrs old, and my mom was opera singer. I traveled with her a lot and one time we attended a predominantly white wedding. I was sitting at a table with my mom and aunt and noticed that all the other tables had lots of people but ours consisted of just my small family. Nobody wanted to share the table with us. It was the first time I realized that I felt different and left out. I saw the hurt in my mother’s eyes. My aunt took me outside to walk around the block. By the time we got back, people we sitting at our table and I had the best time dancing and eating with the other attendees. To this day, I have no idea what my mom did to shift that.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  I love beat boxing AND classical music. I have a great open face and love for myself. I can also be insecure. We all have insecurities and perceive life based on our experiences. I believe it is ok to smile regardless.

Photograph by Spencer Susser