Sammi Rotibi

Humanitarian / Genuine / Leader

GROWING UP: I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. I attended school in Nigeria, Miami and Los Angeles. I was also back and forth from London and Nigeria a bit.

CURRENT GIG: I am an actor living in Los Angeles.

EXPERIENCES WITH RACE: While growing up in Miami, I heard the “N” word for the first time. I was shocked and it really affected me. I want to break the stereotypes and create forward movement before I die. I don’t accommodate or tolerate the racism. I sense it and feel it, but I don’t give energy to it when I am around it. Once there was a girl I liked, she happened to be white. I introduced her to some friends of mine. After awhile we stopped hanging out and one of my friends asked where she was. He assumed she didn’t want to hang out with me because I was black. I didn’t even know how to respond to that, especially since I do not see people’s color.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I am a real human being. Get to know me, because I am approachable. I absolutely love Salsa Music, Classic Rock and Classical Music and I dream of being a Rock Star. I like being around genuine people. I will give my heart and soul to any of my friends. I want to be universal and not be put into a box.

Photographer: Spencer Susser